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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Waikelo Beach

Yesterday, I was trying to reach the beach but I got lost (well, it sounds like me, anyway :p), until I reach Karuni, it almost reach Katewel, but it doesn’t matter because I love the view, landscape, etc. Since I am running out of fuel and it’s getting dark, I decided to return.
I really tired after working today, I supposed to be at home before lunch time since it's Friday but I've to stay at office until 4.30PM :( , I need to see the beach, and then this afternoon I go again, try to find the beach, Yay!!! I finally reach the beach, Waikelo beach, almost nobody there, just talk to a fisherman, enjoying beautiful sunset, really calm, so peaceful, I love it, that’s what I call Lonely Planet. I’ll often go there because I love beach, next time I’ll bring my sport shoes so I can run along the beach ^^ and will trying to find another beach until I conquer all the beach in West South Sumba hahaha.


*West-South Sumba, September 16, 2011