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Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 13

It's been 8 years since my dad past away, but still feels like he is alive, I decided to going home because it will be the first time I put/fire a candle in his grave on September 13. In Sumba, most people have a simple ritual to memorized someone who already died like fire a candle, put flowers relate to his/her special day. So after ask permission from my boss I go to Waikabubak to visit my dad, well my dad's grave. At night we fire some candle in his grave, each candle for each member in my house, and put some piece of flowers. Believe it or not, we smell a good scent from basil leaf spread around the grave (there no basil leaf around his grave) and it's really good, I like it, I don't believe in myth but I think something weird just happening that night. 2 or 3 weeks ago, our car horn ringing at 4 or 5AM, we were confused, who's gonna ring the horn in early morning, it's happen several times but there nobody in the car, while in bed my sister just said "Dad, please stop it, just come in" and the horn stop ringing hehehe, is it possible? I don't know. One day the horn ringing about 7PM too, it wont stop until my mom standing in front of the grave, I don't know what happen but it finally stop. Well, that's what going on. While living in Bandung and Jakarta, I've always dream about my Dad, almost every single night, he looks like so in peace, thank you Lord for that, You still allowed me to meet him in my night dream, I am happy for that, still feels like he is always with me, never leave me. Well, not only me having a dream about my Dad, my sisters, my mom, still have dream about him too, maybe because we really love and close to him, that why he always on our dream. Since I live in Sumba, I rarely dream about him, but that's ok since I live near around his grave.
Thank you Lord for the best Dad in the world, thank you Lord for the best Dad that I've ever had, I really proud to be his daughter. Love you Dad and miss you so badly :* :* :*

*West Sumba, September 13, 2011