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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Daddy's Birthday

Today is Daddy's Birthday... I want you to be here…I really miss you Dad, miss your smile, miss your hug, miss your story telling, etc…I want dance with you…You will always in my mind, my heart and my soul...thanks for everything that You’ve done for me and family… Thanks God for the BEST Daddy that I ever had.

Basic Knowledge for Selecting Locks

Lock is an important part of access control system. It is the key device which is responsible for the security and reliability of the whole access control system. Even if the controller and reader are qualified, the failure of lock will leads to the failure of the whole system.
Tip one: Which one should be selected? Electric Bolt, Electro-magnetic or Electric lock?
This depends on which type of door you have. For bidirectional glass door (open both toward inside and outside), electric bolt is the best choice. Unidirectional wooden door (open toward inside or outside) is best equipped with electro-magnetic lock. In general, electro-magnetic locks are more popular than electric bolt world wide. Comparatively, the electro-magnetic lock is more stable than electric bolt, while less secure than electric bolt. Electric lock is used together with mechanical lock such as ball lock for door side. These types of lock are much chipper but much less secure and inconvenient for installation. Electro-magnetic and electric-controlled locks are recommended for residential areas. The electric-controlled lock is noisy. But presently, new model of silent electric-controlled lock is available.
No matter which types of lock are used, water-proof should be considered since all types of locks are made from iron.
Tip two: Where should we buy locks, the lock manufacturer or access control system manufacturer?
Direct purchase from lock manufacturer may be cheaper. However, the risk lies in that if you buy lock and control system from different vendors, it may be difficult to identify the responsible party in case of system failure. Normally, the access control system vendors will select lock vendors which are suitable for their system and carry out compatibility and integration test by themselves before providing to their customers. In this case, they will be responsible for the quality and reliability of the whole system.
Tip three : How to select an electric bolt?
First of all, the surface of lock should be free from scratches. The standby current is around 300mA and working current lower than 900mA. After power supply for long time, the surface temperature of the lock increases but should not be scalding. The lock tongue should bound back with strength, even after 4000 times of rebound test. Otherwise, the lock can be considered disqualified.
Tip four : Basic selection criterion for electro-magnetic lock.
The surface of the lock should be free of scratches. In addition, the most important feature of electro-magnetic lock is its tenacity. Strictly speaking, the tenacity can be measured only by professional devices. The easy way to test the tenacity can be carried out by executing a sudden pulling on the lock after installation. In this case, the lock can be considered as qualified if it can not be pulled open.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ibu Sita Marah2

Kayaknya penting nich...sore ini Ibu Admin & Finance kita lagi marah2 karena si forwarder ada aja alasannya kalau barang belum bisa keluar dari bea cukai .... hahahaha jarang2 Sita marah2 makanya kayaknya perlu nich buat di dokumentasikan.
Karena meja kerja g di samping meja dia jadi dengerin nada emosinya hehehe malah terakhir yang g dengar....dia lagi mo siap energi lagi buat marah2 lagi ke si forwarder...AYO MAJU TA...aku dukung demi kemajuan Thano...

Don't be afraid if you are in the right time, the right person and the right reason
CIAYO SITA :) :) :)

Upssssss....mo tahu kan Ibu Sita yang mana??? tuch g kasih fotonya ... katanya sich pas lagi endut..padahal sekarang langsing lho hehehehhee

Monday, July 28, 2008

Basic Knowledge on RF Card

1. Features of RF card
RF card is an integrated circuit card which transmits data through wireless media and which is facilitated with functions as data processing and authentication.
RF card is read in non-contact mode which avoids errors in reading resulted from contact failure or incorrect contact. It also avoids damage to card by dirt, oil or other bad environmental causes.
2. Advantages of RF card
Comparing to contact IC card, RF card is of
Higher reliability: the non-contact reading mode avoids physical contact and hence avoids the possible failures caused by direct contact such as fierce card insertion, fake-card insertion, dirt, oil contamination etc. Moreover, since the chip is built in the card, there is no concern of chip fall-off, static electric damage or bending damage etc.
Convenient to use: the RF card works in a distance of 1 -10 cm and avoids card insertion. The non-contact mode has no directional restriction, and consequently the card can conveniently send information to reader and increase efficiency of reading.
Interference-free: the RF card is equipped with interference-free mechanism, which can protect interference between the data of different cards. As the result, the reader can process multiple cards simultaneously.
Wide Application: The storage mechanism of the RF card enables the card to be used for multiple purposes. The card can be used in different systems, and the user can setup different passwords or visiting conditions according to different situations.
Excellent Encryption: the code number of RF card is unique and un-modifiable, which has been solidified by manufacturer in factory.

The RF card and Reader are in a bilateral authentication mechanism. Thus, the reader authenticates the card while the card also authenticates the reader.
Before the data are processed, the card and reader will bilaterally authenticate for three times and all the data are encrypted during communication. Moreover, the different sectors of the card have their own operation passwords and visiting conditions.
Presently, the RF card has been widely applied home and abroad. For example, RF card is used in the charging systems for public transportations and Metros in Korea, Brazil, and Canada etc. In China, RF card is also used for the public transportations in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Zhu hai etc. RF card is also widely used in ordinary life as for highway toll, parking lot, access control system, attendance system, shopping systems etc.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Basic Knowledge on Access Control Systems

In security, specifically physical security, the term access control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons. Access control is the ability to permit or deny the use of an object (a passive entity, such as a system or file) by a subject (an active entity, such as an individual or process).
The computer security access control is a newly high-tech technology which is designed for the same purpose but which are more convenient, reliable and cost-effective than the traditional physical security. The computer access control includes authentication, authorization and audit. It also includes additional measures such as physical devices, including biometric scans and metal locks, hidden paths, digital signatures, encryption, social barriers, and monitoring by humans and automated systems.

Basic Knowledge on Access Control
1. What consists of an Access Control System?
An Access Control System can be categorized into four parts:
1.1. Controller: responsible for reception and identification of signal, door control and alarming.
1.2. Lock: Except at the time of power on or power off, the lock should lock the door.
1.3. Other accessories: Exit-button, power supply, alarm input/output devices etc.
1.4. Control software: in simple devices, the software are built-in the devices.
2. How identification is carried out by access control?
There are mainly two types of identification measures:
2.1. Biometric identification: using the specific identity features of the passenger, such as handprint, fingerprint, face outline etc.
2.2. External identification: external facilities such as password, sensing card, IC card etc.
3. What is fail-secure?
In normal situation, door is locked when power supply is not available. When the lock is supplied with power through external controller (for example, access controller), the lock will be open. One example is Electric Strike.
4. What is Fail-safe?
In normal situation, door is locked when power supply is available. When the lock is deprived of power supply through external controller (for example, access controller), the lock will be open. One example is electro-magnetic Lock.
5. Will the Fail-safe lock fail to function when power supply failure occurs?
Battery or UPS can be applied for power supply. Normal battery can sustain for 3 to 6 hours while UPS can sustain for several days. Presently, fail-safe mode is widely applied in China , which is due to the consideration of fire fighting demand. The products developed by Anson provide both fail-secure and fail-safe modes.
6. Which mode is better? Fail-secure or Fail-safe?
It depends on where the lock is applied. Fail-safe mode is in accordance with fire fighting regulations. Most of fire accidents are caused by power cable failure. The temperature of the fire in the site will cause lock failure which will stop people escaping from the fire site. In this case, in fail-safe mode, once the power cable fails and leads to power supply failure, the smoke door works and stop the smoke from preventing people escape from the fire site. Fail-secure mode is suitable for application in locations which need high security, such as bank storage. Anson products are designed with the unification of mechanical and electro-magnetic or electric strikes. In case of emergency such as fire, the lock can also be opened by using skewers or keys.
7. What should I pay attention to when install the electric lock?
Direction: Is it unidirectional (toward inside or outside)? Is it bidirectional? Or parallel?
Material: Is it metal (aluminum or steel)? wooden or glass (frameless or with frame)?
Distance: The distance between door panel and door frame. Will the door frame stuck when close the door?
Size: What is the size of door?
Amount: Does the door have one side or two sides?
Function: Is the door for fire-fighting? Storage or entrance only?
Specifics: Are there any special requirements such as door position signal output? Time delay etc?
8. What is residual magnetism?
In a simple way, residual magnetism refers to the situation that magnetism resides when the power is off. In this case, the lock can not be opened. This is very dangerous since in case of emergency (for example, fire) the smoke door fails and the door can not be opened for escaping. The residual magnetism may be a simple thing but which may lead to disastrous consequence!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hello World

Finally, jadi juga blog g, sempat ragu untuk bikin blog, karena bingung mo ditulis apa, so thanks buat orang2 yg sudah kasih inspirasi g buat bikin blog g sendiri, walau masih sangat jauh dari kesempurnaan, semoga dengan blog ini g dapat menuangkan semua pikiran, ide dll yang bersemayam di otak g