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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Geographic Information System (GIS) Training and Mapping the Risk of Malaria

Eta and I were attending a GIS training and mapping the risk of malaria held by Health Department supported by UNICEF on September 20-24, 2011. The entire participant is from Health Department and Clinics, only both of us from Regional Development Planning Board. The trainer is a lecture from Nusa Cendana University (UNDANA), Frederika R. N, she is from Wanokaka, West Sumba but grew up in Jawa, graduated from Diponegoro University for her bachelor degree and got her master degree in Japan. That’s encourage me get my master degree abroad ^^
I never use GIS application before, I thought that would be difficult but I was wrong, it’s simple, well in my opinion, we just need to practice it. We were using open source application like OpenJump, Cybertracker and MapWindowsGIS, for the database we were using OpenOffice and Microsoft Office Access. After 3 days training session in Sinar Tambolaka Hotel, we went to some clinics i.e. Waimangura, Watukawula and Rada Mata to take some data using GPS and PDA, that’s why I said in my FB, looks like I can’t run away from Health things, wherever I go and do, always facing or involved with Health things (most of my family working in Health sector)
Here are some examples of map that I made it: