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Saturday, October 8, 2011

ArcGIS 9.3 Installation

Since Mr. Michael ask me to help him install the ArcGIS 9.3, I try to install the application in his laptop but we were facing some problem, the installation guide didn't help me much to do it, it’s confusing me. I try to call the technical guy in Jakarta where he bought the software but it didn't really help, he said to bring to him, how come? We are in NTT and he is in Jakarta :p and I got impression that looks like he doesn't believe that I can do the installation because I am a girl and it will need some computer trick, Well try me boy! After that he only said to follow the installation guide. I try it again but still facing the problem then I try in my laptop too but unfortunately my laptop is running out of battery and I didn't bring the adapter and we decided to go back home. At home I continue to install the application again but still facing the same problem …Arghhhh!!! And I don’t want to call the technical guy, he is not an option! I start thinking over and over again, there’s should be a way out, I just need to think it clearly and analyze it to find the solution, after check some document and thinking ‘outside the box’ ^^ I finally made it in my laptop, Yayyyyy it works!!!! *dance*
Here are the steps that I did to make it works and you know what? It a lil bit different with the installation guide, AMAZING!
How to install ArcGIS 9.3 :
1) Open ArcGIS 9.3\Crack\
    install "license_server_setup\LMSetup.exe"
    and use "localhost.efl9" as license file . Restart PC!
2) Stop the services of ArcGIS license manager
3) Copy all files from "license_server_crack\" to the
    "C:\Program Files\ESRI\License\arcgis9x" replacing existing ones
4) Start the services of ArcGIS license manager
5) Run ESRI.exe, install the application ArcGIS Desktop
    Choose the Complete one. Restart PC!
6) Copy "data_interop\fme_license.dat" to 
    "C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Data Interoperability Extension"
7) Start "Desktop Administrator" and
    * "Software Product": choose "ArcInfo (Floating)"     
    * "License Manager": change to "localhost"
       If cannot find the localhost, type "localhost" manually
    * "Availability": select "ArcInfo Desktop (Floating)",
      this should be shown some licenses
8) Run ArcMap, it should be working!!!

*Waitabula, EMM, October 4, 2011


Anonymous said...

Hi Emi
Regarding ArcGIS installation after following all the steps(they are descriding in all crack directories) i can run arcmap or arccatalog but i face some inactive elements in Arctools(such as in 3danalysr e.t.c.). I think that the crack system doesnt cover the full package of ArcInfo. Am i right?.Any idea or help about the problem?
My email:gziasiak@tee.gr
Greeting to you and your beautiful Country.
From a village near the mythic mountain Olympus in Greece

George(Surveying Engineer)

EMI said...

Hi George,
Greeting too from Indonesia to you in Greece.

Actually I am not an ArcGIS user, I just did the installation to help my colleagues but as far as I can do for you regarding to your question :
1. You have to check your application, is it has the license for 3D analyst etc. You can go to ArcGIS Desktop Administator, in Availability folder, it will shown all your modules that you can use for.

2. Run your ArcMap, in Tools tab choose Extensions make verify or mark the 3D Analyst, etc.

I hope it works with you, please let me know if you need any further information/assistant, I'll check and do the best as I can

Best Regards,