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Monday, October 3, 2011

Dirty Laundry

I was home last Saturday and I usually wake up a 'lil bit late on day off or Sunday morning, I love to sleep :p, some call me Sleep Princess :D, so while I was still in bed, my mom came in to my bedroom to take something, she didn’t know that I still in bed because I cover my body with blanket, West Sumba has cold weather. When I moved, she surprises...
“I thought that nobody in bed, that's why I was wondering why Nona (my oldest sister) let her room mess, why she didn’t put in order everything after wake up. Come wake up!” she said to me.
“Hmmmm” I just roll over my body.
“Where is your dirty laundry? You didn’t bring it?
“How odd it is!”
“I didn’t have it”
“How come? You didn’t back home for two weeks and you have no dirty laundry?
“Well, I wash and clean it by myself”
“You did it? Wow, magic! Hahaha, good girl, that’s my girl. Come, wake up, get breakfastShe knows that I am not good to do housekeeping jobs, kind of lazy :D
“Yes Maam
I just chuckle, that was a typical conversation with my mom, always joke each other. Oh dear, I love her very much, the best mom!

*Waikabubak, October 2, 2011