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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whatever Happen, Lose or Win, Still Proud To Be UNITED

To be honest I fell so sad that we lost from Barcelona in UCL Final at Rome, we're playing like not a champions, we make history for Barca, they got treble, why don't make history for us with win this battle? How come we lost our champions mental after Etoo goal? I can't sleep better after we lose this game, it just like a nightmare, feels like this game it's not real then I realize that Barca playing good, all stars play as well they can, Puyol, Messi, Xavi are goods, salute for Barca and Guardiola.
I know fans all over the world will disappointed with this result, start to blame the team, manager, etc. but COME ONNNN fans...we stronger than that...we can fight them in next season, we should be PROUD to be UNITED, we have 3 already, WORLD, CARLING, and PREMIER. So whatever happens with Man Utd, lose or win, sad or happy, etc, still Proud to be UNITED.
We'll Never Go BLUE! We Will Need No GUN! and We'll prefer to WALK ALONE! Fight for GLORY! GLORY MAN UTD!

Can't wait to see YOU, Man Utd in Jakarta