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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Powerful Earthquake...

I was been shocking by the news from televisions that our beloved country, Indonesia shaken by another powerful earthquake. Padang, West Sumatra has break up on Wednesday, September 30 because of 7.6 magnitudes. We still not forget about earthquake in Tasikmalaya, West Java with 7.3 magnitude on Wednesday, September 2 which is it just happen last month and today Thursday, October 1 Jambi and Bengkulu has been shaken too by earthquake about 7.0 magnitude. Living in Indonesia make us as the citizen should be aware of force majeure i.e. Earthquake (sometimes with tsunami), volcano, flood, etc. Almost everyday we got news that some place just shaken by earthquake but the last two earthquake in West Java and West Sumatra are the worst until today for this year, I hope there is no another earthquake who's make this country in disorder will happen again. I want to say condolence to all the victims of earthquake, I wish there's still hope and strength to make you fight and struggle to face up this situation because all of you are not alone. May God be with all of you, always.

Life is too short so we have to life as God's willed.