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Monday, June 15, 2009

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

My sister ask me to buy a dictionary for her, then last Sunday I go to Gramedia to looking for the dictionary. I found some dictionaries, but I interest with Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, it's about Rp. 199.800, I already check it and I think that's what my sister needed, I am gonna take this one. I go to cashier to pay it, then I go home. When arrive at home, I open the dictionary then I write a quote there

"BSD City, 14 June 2009
This dictionary belong to :
dr. J. S. Leni Manna
I put my signature dan my name, Emi"

After that I read some words and Holly Molly!!! I was surprised I didn' t find the translate in Bahasa :-O, then I send my sister SMS says that I buy the wrong dictionary for you, she just reply...How come?? I need the English - Indonesia dictionary #:-S. I says that it's OK, this dictionary will be mine since I have class in TBI, it's means I have to buy the other one then...arghhhhhhhhhhhhh I am run out of money. She just reply "Kaciannnnn dehhhhh loeeeeeee" #-o


Hireka said...


I was googling for any article on the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, and I found your blog.

So, I've read your article. It's quite funny, anyway. However, I think you should improve your English, particularly in grammar. I found many mistakes in this article, and, since you're having an English course at TBI, your writing must be better next time.
In my opinion, TBI is a quite good English-course institution (besides EF and Wall Street Institute), so your writing would automatically represent its quality of teaching.

Keep practicing English, buddy!

EMI said...

Hi Hireka, thanks for visit my blog and leave your comment :)

Yeah, I am so weak/poor in grammar, that's why i want to improve it at least i am trying to write in english :)

thank you very much, i really appreciate it