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Friday, March 9, 2012

Dream Wedding

Hmmmm....If you ask me what would my dream wedding looks like then without doubt I would love to say that my dream wedding is only a simple wedding maybe less than 50 guest will be attending the ceremonial, only relatives and close friends that I want their absence in my wedding so we can interact each other without boundary. I don’t want a big wedding without knowing my guest or without interact with them, it’s so pity I guess but my friends said that it is not possible to have simple wedding in Sumba since Sumba culture is really complicate and always depends on relatives relationship but I still hope that one day I have a simple wedding. My dream wedding is like some wedding in the movie i.e. when Michael Scofield married to Sara Tancredi, his girlfriend in Prison Break Season 4; when Chuck’s sister married to her boyfriend in Chuck Season 3; when Edward Cullen married to Bella Swan in Breaking Dawn Part I, when Maggie Carpenter married to Ike Graham in Runaway Bride, it is simple, isn't? Yeaaah I want a wedding like that. Don’t forget to watch it :)

Waikabubak, 25 January 2012