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Monday, June 20, 2011

Poor Vs Rich

Since I got an accident in the beginning of May on my way home, I still worry to ride a motorbike again, still remember how I felt down and sluggish to the street, even though my feet is still in pain so every time I go to office, I will waiting my friend to pick me up or I am using public transportation. While waiting my friend or transportation, I will stand in the front of my rent house and I can see what happening in the street. One thing that interesting me is I can see some kids go to school walking on foot, some of them wear sandal and some them without sandal/shoe because they don’t have sandal or shoe, and it incite me. A million thoughts raced in to my mind. In Jakarta and the other big city, we can see kids are going to school with their parents, or taking care by their driver and some of them using public transportation. We can see the kids are wearing an expensive and branded shoe, in school each of them have their own notebook, some of expensive equipments, and have much money to spend during the school break time. Ironic? Well, that is what happens; we can see a gap in their life.
It only an example, if you see the school in some districts, you’ll be shock, I dare it! The building is not being well taken care of. So imagine if a storm comes and destroy the school in a second. Now remember that our government (Indonesian legislative council) wants to build a new expensive fantastic office for them? Or some of them are travel abroad with study reasons? Is that true? Well, are they nuts? Are they losing their mind? I am speechless!!!

*West-South Sumba, June 11, 2011