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Monday, June 20, 2011

Kamus Universal Langenscheidt

Last week my friend, Vian was asked me, on Thursday, I guess. I was going to attending an opening ceremonial of Sumba Traditional Dance competition in Santo Alfonsius High School.

“Did you forget something in your desk yesterday?
I don’t think so.
 Try to remember because if you can’t remember, I’ll hold that thing.
Hah? How come? Give it back to me if it is belong to me.
So you didn’t remember huh? 

Then he put out a mini book, the yellow one, from his pocket which is a pocket dictionary, "Kamus Universal Langenscheidt" Indonesia-Jerman & Jerman-Indonesia. I recognize that book.

“Hey, that is belong to Mr. Michael, maybe he drop it when he was in our room while he was talking to Mr. Okta.
Yes, I am pretty sure it is belong to him, give it to me, I’ll give it back to him tomorrow.”

The day after tomorrow, I talk to Mr. Michael about that book and obviously he said that the book is for me. AHA! I really glad, Ich erwerben ein Pries von Herr Haase! Danke Schӧn Herr Haase! Gott segnen Sie!

*West-South Sumba, June 19, 2011