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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Movie Day

I went to the cinema last Saturday (June 3) with my friend which we called Bonek since she's from East Java hehehe. During World Cup, there's no movie that I've been watched so it's feel like I get 'junkie' to watch the movie. I'm a movie freak :) so I decided to go to the cinema. I've called that day as My Movie Day. It's starting from 00.30 PM until 09.00 PM.
1. Karate Kid 00.30 PM
Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) is the most popular kids in Detroit until he and his mother (Taraji P. Henson) moves to a more promising career. In their new home in Beijing, Parker liked the student named in May Ying. They have trouble making friends because of cultural differences and Ying's father did not like their relationship. The situation is further complicated when the well-known gang leader, Cheng, after him. With the threat that continues to haunt and there is no other place to hide until he met Mr. Han (Jackie Chan). Mr. Han made a deal with the gang leaders that if they let Dre practicing kung-fu, Dre will face them in kung-fu tournament. Secret of his kung-fu expert, Mr. Dre Han teaches ancient techniques, but effective which makes Dre is ready to face father Cheng Ying and groups in the martial arts tournament.

2. Knight and Day 04.30 PM
Miller (Tom Cruise), a secret agent, have a blind date with June Havens (Cameron Diaz), who falls in love while Miller is not right and eventually involve him in a way surprising and unexpected. The situation is further complicated when the former spy chief contact June Miller and claimed that Miller suffered from a psychotic disorder, making June unsure whom to believe.

In Eclipse, Bella is surrounded by dangers which beset a series of mysterious killings and a vampire continues to pursue revenge. In the midst of all this, she was forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob - knowing that her decision could trigger a fight between a vampire and werewolf (Werewolf). Immediately, Bella faced with the most important decisions in her life.