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"Life isn't about being old or having more problem. It's about growing to see this life from a better view coz GOD bless you more"

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I choose to have faith, because without that I have nothing. It's the only thing that's keeping me going.

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Monday, June 28, 2010


My favorite team was going home, losing from Germany (4-1) hiks hiks hiks. Germany is great, congratz! But my heart still England, no matter what! So, England prepare yourself for Olympiad 2012 in London, UEFA Euro 2012 in Poland - Ukraine and FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil, don't give up! Can't wait to see you hold the cups soon :) - (Dream: of course I want to see Indonesia too in World Cup ^__*)
There's a joke from last night match according to referee's decision while Lampard scored for England which is I got it from friend of mine. It should be 2-2 before half time but the goal was ignored.
Apparently the referee's decision is correct, it's not a goal