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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ryan Gigs, BBC Cymru Wales Sports Personality Of The Year 2009

Ryan Gigs win BBC Cymru Wales Sports Personality Of The Year 2009. Well, He deserved it. As ManUtd fans, I am proud of You Gigs! Well done. I love this quote from Sir Alex Ferguson : "Above all it is about the way [Ryan] has lived his life". News and video available on http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/wales/8400617.stm

*Sir Alex Ferguson hails 'incredible' Ryan Giggs
Manager Sir Alex Ferguson said Ryan Giggs was one of Manchester United's greatest players of all time after presenting him with a BBC Wales award.
"He's an incredible player, one of United's all-time best," said Ferguson.
The Wales legend, 36, was named as the BBC Cymru Wales Sports Personality of the Year 2009 on Monday.
"It's very special, I've been fortunate enough to win it before, but to get it again at the age of 36 is something quite unexpected," said Giggs.
"You have to keep that hunger and desire going more than anything - and I'm enjoying it more than ever.
"You savour and enjoy your football more as you get towards the end [of your career]."
Ferguson, who signed Giggs as a teenager, said that the player's longevity was a credit to the Cardiff-born star.
"Several things give you longevity [as a player]," Ferguson told BBC Sport Wales.
"The physical aspect helps, Ryan is thin and wiry and has never had a weight problem.
"But above all it is about the way he has lived his life.
"Some players get to their 30s and their focus goes to different things.
"But Ryan has kept his focus on playing football. The quality he brings even at 36 is incredible."
Former Wales striker John Hartson added: "Ryan's a special man, a credit to himself and his family.
"With everything he's done in the game, he's still showing the attitude and desire to keep going so congratulations to Ryan."