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Friday, April 24, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

A few days ago, we were watching a movie called Slumdog Millionaire. I just anxious to watch this movie because of the achievement in Oscar Award, 22 February 2009. Eight (8) awards...what a fantastic achievement i.e. Best Picture, Directing, Music (Song), Music (Score), Film Editing, Sound Mixing, Cinematography, Writing (Adapted Screenplay). Beside Oscar award, this movie win several award too likes Golden Globes Award for Four (4) awards i.e. Best Motion Picture-Drama, Best Director-Motion Picture, Best Screenplay-Motion Picture, Best Original Score-Motion Picture; Critics' Choice Award for Six (6) awards i.e. Best Picture, Best Director, Best Writer, Best Young Actor, Best Song, Best Composer; BAFTA Award for Seven (7) awards i.e. Best Film, Director, Adapted Screenplay, Music, Cinematography in 2008, Editing in 2008, Sound in 2008. Hmmmmmmm that's make me want to watch this movie, I want to know what kind of movie, what makes this movie get the achievement. It's a touching story, a slumdog man become a millionaire not because he smart, lucky, etc. just because every question in "Who Want To Be A Millionaire" base on his life story and his passion to get his sweetheart back. What a kindness story...What a fighter of life.