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Monday, November 3, 2008

Dramatic Games Ever

I love to watch sport like soccer, badminton, etc. In my opinion, there are several games who make my heart beat, sometimes enjoy, sometimes disappointed..that's the game...
  1. World Cup 2002 Japan-South Korea: England vs Brazil in semi final, Brazil win the games from Ronaldhino goals, after that He get red card
  2. European Cup 2004 Portugal: England vs Portugal in semi final, Portugal win the games after pinalti battle, Beckham lose the goals
  3. UEFA Champions League 2004/2005 Turki : Liverpool vs AC Milan in final, Liverpool win the games after left behind 0:3 and win the pinalti battle
  4. UEFA Champions League 2006/2007 Old Trafford : Manchester United vs AS Roma in big 8, Manchester United win the games 7:1, what a wonderful moment :)
  5. FA Cup 2007/2008 : Manchester United vs Arsenal, Manchester United win the games 4:0, finally Arsenal lose the games
  6. UEFA Champions League 2007/2008 Moskow : Manchester United vs Chelsea, All England final, Mancehster United win the games from pinalti battle, Christiano Ronaldo, John Terry, Nicholas Anelka lose the goals, Third European Cup for Manchester United :), in the same time Manchester United has get the 17th Premier League Cup --- DOUBLE Winner, What a wonderful achievement!!! 
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