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Monday, August 11, 2008

nnnThe City Tower

3 days in The City Tower (TCT) from 060808 until 080808 to do HSB (Half-height Sensor Barrier) installation...really makes me tired...start working at noon then go home at dawn...but it's an exciting experience, learn many things. We have friend from KJK Malaysia which call Annuar... one thing we remember about him is 'IYES'...good friend from Malaysia.
BTW... because we go home at dawn and through Taman Lawang Street, we saw the transvestite at the street huahuuahuhauhuaha how they choose to live like that???

Here is the picture taken from TCT when we do the installation.

Before the HSB Installation

HSB Installed

Annuar tools...can we have it??? :) I just remember which called 'Wago' :)

The Controller

The Wiring

The HSB connect to EXOS DML

My Installation.......... That's MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Demas, Annuar and Tomy Installations

Om Oki Installation.
That is the Project Leader.

I think Mr. Jadi want to show his money in his wallet heuehuheueh

Ini lagi mo ngapain yach? bingung.......... pegangan katanya kalau bingung hahahahah

Kita lagi ngomong apa sich?? penting yach???

Thano models In action...dengan wajah2 lesu, capek, kelaparan wkwkwkw

Thano models and Annuar

So Sexi or Sok Sexi???

Awas KACA woiiiiiiii!!! masih aja NArzizzzzzzzzzzzzz............... wkwkwkwkkw

Dinner at .... dimana yach?? g lupa :P tapi yang pasti khas Jawa Timur ... closed to Ibis Thamarin and Arkadia Hotel