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Monday, July 28, 2008

Basic Knowledge on RF Card

1. Features of RF card
RF card is an integrated circuit card which transmits data through wireless media and which is facilitated with functions as data processing and authentication.
RF card is read in non-contact mode which avoids errors in reading resulted from contact failure or incorrect contact. It also avoids damage to card by dirt, oil or other bad environmental causes.
2. Advantages of RF card
Comparing to contact IC card, RF card is of
Higher reliability: the non-contact reading mode avoids physical contact and hence avoids the possible failures caused by direct contact such as fierce card insertion, fake-card insertion, dirt, oil contamination etc. Moreover, since the chip is built in the card, there is no concern of chip fall-off, static electric damage or bending damage etc.
Convenient to use: the RF card works in a distance of 1 -10 cm and avoids card insertion. The non-contact mode has no directional restriction, and consequently the card can conveniently send information to reader and increase efficiency of reading.
Interference-free: the RF card is equipped with interference-free mechanism, which can protect interference between the data of different cards. As the result, the reader can process multiple cards simultaneously.
Wide Application: The storage mechanism of the RF card enables the card to be used for multiple purposes. The card can be used in different systems, and the user can setup different passwords or visiting conditions according to different situations.
Excellent Encryption: the code number of RF card is unique and un-modifiable, which has been solidified by manufacturer in factory.

The RF card and Reader are in a bilateral authentication mechanism. Thus, the reader authenticates the card while the card also authenticates the reader.
Before the data are processed, the card and reader will bilaterally authenticate for three times and all the data are encrypted during communication. Moreover, the different sectors of the card have their own operation passwords and visiting conditions.
Presently, the RF card has been widely applied home and abroad. For example, RF card is used in the charging systems for public transportations and Metros in Korea, Brazil, and Canada etc. In China, RF card is also used for the public transportations in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Zhu hai etc. RF card is also widely used in ordinary life as for highway toll, parking lot, access control system, attendance system, shopping systems etc.