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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Basic Knowledge for Selecting Locks

Lock is an important part of access control system. It is the key device which is responsible for the security and reliability of the whole access control system. Even if the controller and reader are qualified, the failure of lock will leads to the failure of the whole system.
Tip one: Which one should be selected? Electric Bolt, Electro-magnetic or Electric lock?
This depends on which type of door you have. For bidirectional glass door (open both toward inside and outside), electric bolt is the best choice. Unidirectional wooden door (open toward inside or outside) is best equipped with electro-magnetic lock. In general, electro-magnetic locks are more popular than electric bolt world wide. Comparatively, the electro-magnetic lock is more stable than electric bolt, while less secure than electric bolt. Electric lock is used together with mechanical lock such as ball lock for door side. These types of lock are much chipper but much less secure and inconvenient for installation. Electro-magnetic and electric-controlled locks are recommended for residential areas. The electric-controlled lock is noisy. But presently, new model of silent electric-controlled lock is available.
No matter which types of lock are used, water-proof should be considered since all types of locks are made from iron.
Tip two: Where should we buy locks, the lock manufacturer or access control system manufacturer?
Direct purchase from lock manufacturer may be cheaper. However, the risk lies in that if you buy lock and control system from different vendors, it may be difficult to identify the responsible party in case of system failure. Normally, the access control system vendors will select lock vendors which are suitable for their system and carry out compatibility and integration test by themselves before providing to their customers. In this case, they will be responsible for the quality and reliability of the whole system.
Tip three : How to select an electric bolt?
First of all, the surface of lock should be free from scratches. The standby current is around 300mA and working current lower than 900mA. After power supply for long time, the surface temperature of the lock increases but should not be scalding. The lock tongue should bound back with strength, even after 4000 times of rebound test. Otherwise, the lock can be considered disqualified.
Tip four : Basic selection criterion for electro-magnetic lock.
The surface of the lock should be free of scratches. In addition, the most important feature of electro-magnetic lock is its tenacity. Strictly speaking, the tenacity can be measured only by professional devices. The easy way to test the tenacity can be carried out by executing a sudden pulling on the lock after installation. In this case, the lock can be considered as qualified if it can not be pulled open.