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Thursday, March 26, 2015

One Day Indonesia 2015

There's no better way to spend weekend than having some good food, good music, and good fun!

One Day Indonesia 2015

Indonesian traditional dance and music:
  • Angklung
  • Liko pulo (Aceh)
  • Tor Tor (North Sumatra)
  • Sundanese dance

FOOOOOD: Pempek, soto padang, ketoprak, bakso malang, ayam kremes and much more......

We'll have some workshops too:
  • Angklung, don't miss it! Playing and learning traditional music instrument by your self
  • Batik, spend the day with us at batik class! Learn to paint clothes the traditional way
  • Traditional games, never too late to be young again

DON'T MISS OUT ON ALL THE FUN! Come and join us at IBZ, TU Dortmund, Emil-Figge-Str. 59, 44227 Dortmund

Browse more here:

Organized by Vereinigung Indonesischer Studenten-Indonesian Student Association (Dortmund and Bochum), supported by Generalkonsulat der Republik Indonesien (Frankfurt am Main)