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Friday, January 24, 2014

Pray For Indonesia

This afternoon I got an email from RBC Ministries as state below. For a moment, my heart deeply in trouble, my body’s shaking, I got teary eyes, this is my beloved country! I started asking myself, when was the last time I pray for Indonesia? I do pray for my country but inconsistent, so thank you RBC for reminds me. Let’s pray for Indonesia continuously. May God be with us always, Indonesia in His hands.

January 2014

Dear Faithful Reader, 
At the outset of 2014, a series of natural disasters have plagued this beloved nation of ours. Floods in Jakarta, Manado, Makassar, Semarang, and Jambi have driven many out of their homes. Mount Sinabung's eruption in Sumatera Utara has displaced thousands more and eleven people are thought to have perished in that disaster. Indeed we are reminded how much we need to draw close to our almighty God in these desperate times.
The flooding in Jakarta has disrupted our services to our readers. Some of our staff had to evacuate as floodwater reached door level, while others are locked in as roads to and from their homes become inaccessible. We are grateful that our office is not exposed to the flooding yet, but access to it is restricted. As such, our services as well as the shipping of our resources have ground to a halt, resulting in possible delays to the packing and delivery of the "March-April-May 2014" edition of Our Daily Bread/Santapan Rohani.

Furthermore, in order to ensure that your copy arrives in the best of conditions we need to seal it in a plastic bag. This will obviously take up additional time and manpower, a necessary step to safeguard intact delivery. We therefore beg for your understanding as it might delay delivery. Should you not receive your subscription by early March, please contact us via email at: indonesia@rbc.org or phone: (+62-21) 2902-8950.
Do join us in prayer for the situation in Indonesia:
  1. May the Lord send forth workers to point the victims to Jesus Christ, the hope of the world and comfort of the broken-hearted.
  2. May the Lord provide timely help, adequate nourishment, as well as safe, clean shelter to all in need.
  3. May the Lord lead and guide the authorities and concerned volunteers in their effort to assist the victims such as the preparation and packaging of food for distribution.
  4. Remember RBC Ministries' staff and their families who are affected by the Jakarta flood.
  5. That our office can resume operations and service to our readers as soon as possible.

You are receiving this email because you are a registered subscriber to Our Daily Bread/Santapan Rohani. Please help us forward this information to your friends or family members who are subscribers but may not have an email account or given us their email address. Thank you.

In Christ alone,
Netty Susanto
Executive Director