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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Last July I went to Jakarta, during that time, my brother in law was host two friends from Germany which he knew from Couchsurfing. Since I’ve been there for several days, I went come along with them to help them find a transport from Jakarta to Yogyakarta, so we walked around Gambir, Deutsche Bank and somehow ended up in Grand Indonesia. While we walked around and trapped in some bumpy path which full of cars, one of them, Anna was asking me "Why all this way belong to cars? Where is for pedestrian? How about people like us?" I only smirked. Yes, that’s the big problem in Jakarta and some other big cities in Indonesia, all street/path belong to cars, not for people that’s why we always trap in traffic jam and pollution. This situation is totally different in some developed countries, they always make pedestrian as a main priority, while in Indonesia, no priority for pedestrian, however slowly but sure it's started to change now, some area in Jakarta has changed to become open public space which is good for their citizen and I hope it will develop faster so we can walk freely and safety.