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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Is That What We Called JOB? Welcome To Bureaucracy!

It’s been 4 month working for government as a civil servant in a small island in East Nusa Tenggara, there are about 30 people in our department but as long as I can see maybe only half is really working relate to their job assignment. So what are the rest doing? Nothing! Just walking around, talking each other some ‘stupid’ story, playing chess, smoking, laughing, sitting, playing music louder, sharing about some office baseless gossip, watching movie and maybe some porn movie. What the heck was that?!! Yes, it really happens! I am pretty sure, it’s happen in other department too. Well, I don’t mind if they do what they want to do but mostly is really annoying, too noisy, disturb others which are working, reading, discuss, etc. What is wrong? Do they really know what are they supposed to do relate to their job assignment? One thing confusing me is if there is a job not relate to Budget Implementation Document (Dokumen Pelaksanaan Anggaran/DPA), they really enthusiast to do that while the main job in DPA is not handled. Speechless!!!

These civil servants are really obeyed to which I’ve called ‘some stupid bureaucracy’. They make simple thing become complex and big thing become simple or unimportant. I do understand that we have to follow order or regulation but what was the point? I mean why you are stuck with something that you can fix it as soon and as best as you can! Example : I need to collect some data from other department but I’ve to make a letter of request should be sign by one officer in regent house which is actually it can be sign by my principal but he won’t, and unfortunately the officer on business trip, then I’ve to change to other officer which is not in the office too, they were asking me to wait, do I have to wait for a week or more? No way! It’s not my way! After discussing with my boss of unit, I go directly to each department to ask the data without that letter and I get it! And many more examples which is make me AMAZING!!! Well, welcome to bureaucracy dear!!! I swear I’ll gonna change it if I become a decision maker!

Oh ya…they really don’t care about time management too, really love to delay/postpone a meeting. Example : The meeting base on the invitation should start at 09:00 but finally it’ll start at 11:00 even more, sometimes you’ve to call the participant again one by one via cell phone, then they came to join the meeting, INCREDIBLE! An activity base on schedule should start in the first quarter of this year but until now it is postpone and I don’t know when it will be started, UNBELIEVEABLE!!!

I am angry too because they really don’t care about cleaning, they just throw the trash/rubbish exactly where they were standing/sitting, Geeezzzz…Come on…can’t you throw in the trash bin? Are they nuts?

So what are you gonna do? I am dying to know, is it gonna last longer or even forever? I hope not! Well, I wasn’t born to follow but to make a different! Let’s hope there is miracle/breakthrough that changes them/it. Just be the change that you want to see in the world. Just do the best as you can as the Colossians 3:23 says “Whatever you do, work at it with all you heart, as working for the Lord, not for men