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"Life isn't about being old or having more problem. It's about growing to see this life from a better view coz GOD bless you more"

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I choose to have faith, because without that I have nothing. It's the only thing that's keeping me going.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

October 15

I got SMS, phone calls, hugs, kiss, FB walls still counting and of course I believe many prays has been send to God in October 15. They're wishing the best for me. Amien  

Here are some of FB comment, just make my day

Dessy : „Wilujeung nepang milad..  mugi-mugi kakabul sadaya pangharepan...“ ---> Hahaha, I'm not Sundanese but I understand it

Dwianto : „Met tambah tua....“ ---> Of course, getting older :p

Bagus : „Macam ada yg ULTAH na..Happy b'day...wish all your dream will come true. Ditunggu undangan lop..lop..nya ;-)“ ---> lop lop??? Hahaha come here I'll treat you with delicious food

Ary : „Konco..Slamat Hari Jadi..moga sehat & sukses slalu..GBU.“ ---> Konco??? hmmm long time not hear that word :)

Sri : „yeee...met utah...ya bu'e....“ ---> Bu'e??? Hahaha how old I am? :p still young honey :)

Eko : „Slamat Ulang Taun, Kak..“ ---> Kak??? hmmm wondering...who's older than me :p

Andi Umbu : „Slmt ulang tahun ibu, smg sll d berkati Tuhan dlm hidup n dlm pekerjaan. Kayakx su lama tdk mengudara ini. Ha4.....“ ---> Ibu??? Mengudara??? Wkwkwkw I'm still young though :p . We're not in radio, well I'm not online with FB for almost 2 months, missing me huh?! :p

Ina : „Asyyiiikkk....asssyyiiikkkk.... Bsk makan2 deh.. Slmt hari lahir kk ku syg..
Tambah sehat, tambah gemuk, tambah tinggi, tambah banyak duitnya, tambah pacar yg cakep dan baik hati, tambah banyak berkat dari Tuhan dan tambah2 yg lain deh. Umuaacchh.. Jbus“ ---> Tambah pacar yg cakep dan baik hati? Tambah??? Hahaha how come?

Bung Kenny : „Selamat ulang ton na..smoga panjang umur,cepat besar,cepat tinggi,sukses slalu..Gbu“ ---> Cepat besar, cepat tinggi??? wkwkwkwk it's genetic :p I've eat too much

Budi : „Na glory man utd na...eh salah hepi besdei na...“ ----> glory Man Utd??? amiennnnn wkwkwkkw

David Brachnak - KBS (via Skype) : "good morning erna. happy birthday and the best wishes from the cold germany" ---> hehehe cold? here is warm even hot, what a weather :)

and many more...........still counting though :)

Ooohh dear, I feel very lucky to be surrounded by family, friends and people who are very caring and full of love to me, thank you Lord Jesus. I love you!

Happy Birthday to me, another blessed age/year has gone by, welcome new blessed future, may full of Faith, Hope and Love